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What is Walk & Talk Therapy?

Walk and Talk Therapy is a type of mental health counseling in Sacramento, California that takes place outdoors while walking. You get the combined benefit of nature, therapy, and movement. We are fortunate to have easy access to the beautiful American River Parkway with quiet paved and unpaved paths. See the pictures below to get a sense of the scenery and type of paths that are available. It is not uncommon to see turkeys and deer along the way.

Walk and Talk Therapy allows for a novel therapeutic experience.  It combines the benefits of bilateral movement while talking through issues and “moving towards” your valued goals.  It also affords the opportunity for mindful action. Some people prefer walking sessions compared to sitting and notice they feel more energized after this kind of session. Some people find it easier to talk while walking side by side rather than looking directly at one another in the traditional office setting.

Is it an exercise session?

Our primary purpose is your psychotherapy, and I will still be your psychologist, not a trainer.  Even though walking is exercise, and we most definitely get the benefit of this movement, it is not meant to be a strenuous workout.  We will walk at a pace that is comfortable and allows for us to talk easily.  It is not about the destination but the journey!

What about the weather and privacy?

We can decide to change our plans if too hot or cold or wet, even at the last minute.  You always have the opportunity to come in for an office, phone or video session instead. We can be flexible because my office is so close to the parkway. 

We will discuss privacy issues beforehand, since we will be outside of the office together.  The paths tend to be quiet, although we will sometimes see students on their way to classes at Sac State or people out out for a stroll, jog, or bicycle ride. 

How do I start?

First, we discuss pragmatics and discuss informed consent for unexpected issues that could come up while outside.  I have a special consent form/waiver specific to Walk and Talk Therapy.  You can decide to try it just once or decide to do it on a periodic or regular basis.  It’s up to you! 

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