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Evolve and Grow

psychotherapy helps you evolve and grow

Counseling in Sacramento, California where you can create life transformation, cope with challenges, explore your relationships, and grow as a person with psychotherapy.  Find help for anxiety, transitions, depression, work-life balance, stress, and much more.  As a licensed clinical psychologist, I often work with physicians, nurses, and mental health therapists.  

Live with Ease

live with balance and ease

 Learn to live a happier, healthier life with greater ease if you have chronic illness, pain, insomnia, and body, eating, or weight concerns. Given my extensive training in clinical health psychology, I understand your struggle and can help you design a path to better adjustment and wellness. Easy in theory, but challenging to practice, so I help you learn effective mind-body practices. 

Walk and Talk


Take the first step. Let's go outside with counseling that takes place outdoors while walking.  You get the combined benefit of nature, therapy, and movement.  We are fortunate to have easy access to the beautiful American River Parkway next to my Sacramento office where there are lovely, quiet paved and unpaved paths.

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