Psychotherapy and Consultation

The art of the practice.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." ~ Anais Nin

The art of the practice of psychotherapy with Dr. Lori Roberto, Clinical Psychologist

Psychotherapy can be a profound experience. You might be experiencing tremendous pain and suffering right now.  You may feel stuck and not know where to begin.  We will move through this together.  

I've worked with many individuals throughout my career, with many distinct issues, and in many settings.  I've witnessed the power of the human spirit to persevere and transcend. I have seen bold, brave individuals face their fears and move towards change. 

I'm encouraged and passionate about helping people move through life transitions and heal both physical and psychological pain.   

So how do we go from this?


To this!


Together, we begin.


Explore and Understand

We begin by exploring what brought you here and where you'd like to go. We look broadly at your life and what has shaped it. We look at both the mind and the body and how they connect. We create an understanding of you that weaves together many facets of your experience from internal dynamics and feelings, to what motivates you and why, your relationships, and your personality.  

Baby Steps

Change occurs in many ways.  Sometimes it is a series of baby steps towards specific goals, other times it is more diffuse like a shaping of perspective.  It doesn't have to be completely logical or linear to make a difference in your life. We talk about what is important to you, so therapy meets your needs.

Try New Things

Along the way you'll experience and try new things. These might be internal, like new feelings or a new perspective, or they could be behavioral, such as a new way of  coping or communicating. What's important is your willingness to try, and to try again. 

I work from a relational perspective, bringing a variety of tools to the therapy session including cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, psychodynamic, and clinical hypnosis. This allows you to learn a variety of skills as well as space to explore what is important to you.

Celebrate Small Wins

It's so important to notice shifts and changes and to celebrate progress, even if it seems small in the moment.  Things have a way of adding up and even subtle changes can matter. Therapy can be an opportunity for meaningful growth.

Your Journey

Your therapy journey will be unique to you. It's important for us to identify your values and create goals that are consistent.  For some clients, these goals are concrete and they find resolution quickly in a matter of weeks or months.  For other clients, goals are more abstract and psychotherapy is about self-discovery or they are dealing with long standing issues or a chronic condition.  In that case, our work could be longer-term over years.

I'll Partner with You

Regardless of why you come to therapy or how long it takes, I will be your steadfast companion on this journey. I'll bring along the tools I've gathered in over 20 years of clinical service.  I'll share my perspective, provide encouragement, nudge you when you're stuck, comfort you when you are sad, witness your achievements and celebrate your joys.  

Do you want to talk?

Start a new chapter.

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